Neko Hakkei : Application Form for Designers

We hope you can come up with an interesting concept!

Stage 1 Application Form - Concept Sketches

Stage 1 is open to anybody who wishes to send us an image for consideration. Use this form to send us your information and to upload your concept sketch. Please make sure you read and understand the explanations on the technical information page before sending us your work. If you wish to send ideas for more than one of the eight themes, use this form again for each one.

If we think that your idea seems like it will fit within our framework for the series, and has a reasonable chance of being selected for the set, we will get in touch with you and ask you to go ahead with Stage 2 - to work it out in a more completed form, ready for consideration for the final selection stage. We will make payment for all Stage 2 entries.


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Which of the (remaining) themes does this sketch apply to?

  •       Evening Snow
  •       Night Rain
  •   Autumn Moon
  •       Evening Bell
  •       Descending Geese
  •   Returning Sails
  •   Evening Glow
  •   Clearing Weather


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