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[Important note: please remember that what you see here are (in some cases) very simple 'concept' sketches. I'm of course in discussion with the designers on how best to take them forward to a more complete execution ... So don't panic! :-)

July 9: the first invitations for Stage 2 have been sent

It has taken over a month since the project announcement to get moving forward with this; there has been a huge amount of interest, with a great many applications coming in, many of which are very interesting. Yesterday and this morning, I sent out the initial invitations to some applicants, asking if they would like to take their image to the next stage.

At this point, I think it should not be a problem if we show these images publicly; so as each of those invitations goes out, I will put the image here for general viewing. When the Stage 2 images are returned to me, we'll also show those, allowing everybody a chance to learn from the process ... turning rough sketches into beautiful woodblock prints!

Here are the first few that captured my attention (designer's names are linked to their Instagram, website, etc.):

Evening Snow : Randy Hall

Evening Glow : Sherbett Hopkins

Evening Bell : Vivian Uhlir

Night Rain : Jonathan Huff


July 10: a few more invitations for Stage 2 ...

Descending Geese : Kristen Whitaker

Evening Glow : Evelyn Szawerski


July 12: a few more invitations for Stage 2 ...

Clearing Weather : Julie De Grandpré

Descending Geese : Daniel Parker

Night Rain : Aafke Ytsma


July 13: another invitation for Stage 2 ...

Autumn Moon : Deiniol Owen


A real-time readout of the number of entries we have received to date: