Neko Hakkei : Technical information

Details on how to participate ...

Here are some basics that will help you plan your participation in this project.


Stage 1: Preparation of concept images

Have you ever designed for a woodblock print before? If not, you will need to learn a bit about the genre. Look at the prints on our website that we have already published: Ukiyo-e Heroes designs ... the Mokuhankan print catalogue ...

An excellent reference is the vast database of Japanese prints stored in the print database ...

Speaking in general terms, the Japanese woodblock genre for the most part is a 'flat' medium. In the early days of the genre, everything was based on the line - the drawing itself - and colouring came later. So at this stage of the development of your ideas for this project, we are asking that you submit a drawing with no colouring. We need to be able to see and understand your concept in this clean and simple form.

You may enter Stage 1 as many times as you wish, either with different concepts for one of the 8 themes, or for other themes ...


Stage 2: Preparation of presentation images

When/if you are approved for Stage 2, we will of course need you to work your image out in more detail, in order for it to be made into a woodblock print. Although we fully expect the eight images to wildly differ in appearance and mood, the series will need to be tied together, and we will do that by producing the prints in a standardized 'framework':

The prints in the series will need to fit within a standardized framework for carving and printing. We have prepared a template into which you will need to prepare your image details. This is a layered Photoshop file (.psd), and will help you structure your image to fit within our production requirements.


Legal Issues

For Stage one submissions:

In the case of the Stage two submissions, where the final choice of design has yet to be made:

If your design is one of the eight selected for production as woodblock prints, we will ask you to enter into a publishing contract with us. The key points of that contract will be these:


So that's an outline of the project. We hope you find it interesting, and we look forward to receiving many interesting submissions!